The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Friday, September 2, 2011

Boccelli Garden in Early September

The Boccelli Garden is holding up well on Labor Day Weekend. The stars, for me, are the biennial Angelica gigas and the fruit of Rosa glauca.


  1. Love the combinatioins of colors. The Angelica gigas and rose hips are beautiful. Do your Angelica reseed easily, or do you have to replant?

  2. So orderly, Michael, which I love. Not in a regimented way, but in a harmoniously free-form way.

  3. Michael it is all looking splendid! I’ve gone and bought some seeds of the Angelica gigas as I could not resist those red umbels!


  4. James and Bertie,

    I am pleased with the color combinations in the garden, thanks. Angelica gigas, self seeds in the garden each year after the first couple of years. There tend to be quite a few seedlings that I thin out both the first and second years. Like any biennial, it is best to relocate the seedlings the first year not the flowering year. I think they are happy here because it is partial sun/shade and the soil never dries out. James, I'll bet they would love your garden. You should give them a try.

    Faisal, I like the combination of order and chaos. I prefer enough structure that it has order and then I enjoy the free form to go a bit wild. For me, too much regimentation is boring and stifling and too much wild can seem messy and monotonous. Striking the right balance is tricky but what I am shooting for.

    Some of my favorite places in nature have a good balance. The structure could be a handsome tree truck or rock out cropping. Then a naturalistic planting adjacent to it is almost always pleasing to my eye. I am glad you like the planting.

  5. Fab borders Michael!
    LOve the angelica and glauca thing.
    Those plummy shades are always a bit of a must have!

  6. Thanks Robert, This is one of my favorite times in that garden. The grasses and the cut-back trees and shrubs create a lot of volume that still feels fresh this time of year which is also plus.



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