The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Saturday, January 21, 2017

You Are Welcome Here

I have just returned from a visit to New York City to hear a lecture by Bill Noble on the gardens of the Cornish Colony in New Hampshire. I purposefully choose a hotel near the High Line when I am in New York and I had a nice walk there on Thursday morning. The grasses and perennials had not been cut down yet and looked spectacular gently blowing in the breeze.

I go to the High Line for inspiration. When I was designing public spaces in Peterborough, my goal was to create gardens of the highest quality possible with the resources available. As I studied public spaces, especially under the mentorship of my friend Lynden Miller, I began to learn the importance of making public spaces available to everyone. Lynden, who has designed many remarkable gardens in New York City, taught me many lessons about making everyone, no matter what their socioeconomic situation, welcome in public spaces.

The Friends of the High Line have taken inclusiveness a step further. At every entrance to the High Line, there are new placards welcoming all people to this public space. They are making a political statement against "the divisive, hateful speech we are hearing and witnessing across our country." I agree with the Friends of the High Line, this is a crucial moment to take a stand and I applaud their commitment to make "equitable and open spaces" that reflect not only the diversity of their community, but of our country and our world.


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