The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Garden in Mid-May

The Blue Bench Terrace

The Shed

The Upper Garden

The Lower Garden From Below

The Lower Garden From Above


  1. That blue of your benches, Michael, is about my favourite colour. It looks so well against the pink of the Bergenia ( it IS Bergenia, isn't it? ), and the white and the green. A lovely garden.

  2. Thanks, Faisal, I like that blue as well. I tried several other colors before I picked with this color. Bob Dash's Long Island garden inspired me to paint the furniture. And yes, that is bergenia in bloom. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I like the structure your garden has, and I also like the open space created. Judging from the pictures the garden looks as if it has been there a while. How old is it?

  4. I love the shots of the whole garden. So few bloggers do those (too many flower closeups). It's a beautiful composition. The one garden moment with the blue benches is delightful.

  5. Hi Les,
    I think structure (not necessarily formal) is really important in a garden. I like parts of the garden to feel open. The woodland garden on the lowest level will be shady and much more closed in which will be a nice contrast to the rest of the garden. We have been here since 1989. I got serious about gardening in 1993. I think the hedges were installed as whips in 1999. Kris Fenderson says it takes 25 years for a garden to mature.. not there yet.Thanks for your comment.

  6. Thomas,
    Glad you like the shots of the garden. I am interested in design and plants so I tend to pictures of the garden from different views and occasional close ups of plants. The larger pictures in books or blogs are always instructive to me on how to best use plants. Thanks for commenting. I have been a fan of your blog for a while now. It is always thought provoking and interesting. I really appreciate the issues you bring out for discussion. Great job!

  7. I love seeing your garden, the bones still show very well before they get softened by the greenery. And the blue benches are wonderful, especially with the Bergenias. Have a great week, Liisa.

  8. The grass is always greener. I love the formal open space of your garden. These photos show it so very well.

  9. Liisa,
    It is amazing how fast the garden changes this time of year. Soon the bones will be hidden. Thanks for the comment.

    The grass is always greener! Your garden fits your house and site so well. I get a vicarious thrill watching your garden develop. Thanks for your kind words.



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