The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Downtown Peterborough in Early December

Oudolf Yew Waves at the Pavilion Entrance of Depot Park

Another View of the Pavilion Entrance

The Long Hedge in Depot Park

Nubanusit Terrace Bundled with Burlap for Salt Protection

Boccelli Garden

Bridge Flower Boxes in Christmas Garb Courtesy of the Community Garden Project

The Parks in Downtown Peterborough reveal their structure a few weeks before Christmas. Yew, bowwood and ornamental grasses are the main elements. Each year, the Community Garden Project adds greens to the flower boxes on the two bridges in town and the holiday season can begin.


  1. I like those wave hedges. How long have they been growing?

  2. James,
    Gordon Hayward did the initial design (when the park was installed) with Hick's yews about a dozen years ago. I decided to make it have waves about 7 years ago. I think it took about 3 years for the waves to appear. The first year, it looked awful! Thanks for the comment.



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