The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

'Purple Sensation' and 'Dixter' fill the gap in the Boccelli Garden

Allium 'Purple Sensation' and Euphorbia griffithii 'Dixter'

Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' is a good facer throughout the season

After the late tulips pass but before the peonies pop, there is a lull in the garden. Allium 'Purple Sensation' hits the mark with impeccable timing, tone and texture. The violet purple tennis balls float in the air above the foliage of the emerging perennials and stooled trees.

The perfect compliment is Euphorbia griffithii 'Dixter'. Dan Hinkley says that it "thrusts from the ground like spears of purple-orange asparagus upon which the the bronzed foliage unfurls as terminally borne, deep orange flowers appear." Allium 'Purple Sensation' is a fleeting pleasure while Euphorbia griffithii 'Dixter' carries on admirably throughout the season, often flowering again in the fall.


  1. Great pictures! I also love Purple Sensation - as you mentioned it fills a gap in the growing season and actually ends up creating some of the best garden effects of the year. I never had much luck with Euphorbia griffithii 'Dixter back in Toronto though (about USDA zone 5). Any tips?

  2. Garden Wanderer,
    Thanks for your comment. I bought Euphorbia griffithii 'Dixter' at the now defunct nursery, Conway's, in RI. I think they called it Zone 6 but I tried it anyway. It has done well here in NH. I think the Boccelli Garden is a protected site with soil that never dries out. I suspect it is hardier than noted or that climate change has enabled it to grow here. If you return to Toronto, you might try it again. It is a plant that looks great for a very long time.



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