The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nice Combo at the Boccelli Garden

Dahlia 'Happy Single Juliet' and Aster novae angliae 'Marina Wolkonsky' make a stunning combination at the new terraced garden at the Boccelli Garden. I especially like this dahlia because it is extremely sturdy, floriferous and has dark contrasting foliage. The shade of pink in the flowers almost glows yet combines well with both hot and cool color palettes. I first became acquainted with Aster novae angliae 'Marina Wolkonsky' at the New York Botanical Garden's new Native Plant Garden. It took over a year to track it down but it was worth the effort.


  1. Tempting. I may have to make a place for dahlias next year. (I've told myself this for the past two years.)

    1. James, my success rate with dahlias isn't perfect but I really have liked 'Happy Single Juliet'. Some are more difficult for me to grow (maybe it is the cool NH summer?) than others. I think you might like the freshness they provide when your grasses are in their full late summer glory. This pink has worked surprisingly well in my opinion. It must pick up on the red/purple tones on many of the grasses late in the season. Give a few a try. If they are a bust no harm done.



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