The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yankee Magazine Article

I am in the July/August issue of Yankee Magazine


  1. Looks like a great article. Good job.

  2. Excellent advice and some good recognition! So much about scale, which is often ignored...and function, often an afterthought.

    But what I was surprised at is under "Get Dirty" - start growing a few plants (that one likes?), then study how public gardens are arranged, their seasonality, etc. I've always told people to start with the design, but your method really makes sense to find something appealing, then bounce between refining its design and the parts, until the whole works.

    Many are confused at so many garden bloggers' constant moving plants about, instead of getting it right the first time. Yours shows a balance between both extremes!

    1. I do think getting the design right early on, especially when planting trees and putting in the hardscape, is a good idea but I think we all get started by falling in love with plants in the garden. Once you get excited, we tend to be more motivated to figure out the more abstract parts or hire someone like you to help.



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