The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Boccelli Garden: the Completion of a Public/Private Partnership Project IV

The grass has grown in quickly at the Boccelli Garden Project which has been recently completed. This public/private partnership project was a great success. It involved a private donation for the retaining wall, terrace, shrubs, and grading of the site. The town of Peterborough paid for the new fence along the Nubanusit River, the herbaceous plants and a pair of new Peterbrough Adirondack Chairs, (designed specially for the parks by the Parks Committee) which are under construction. The Public Works Department did much of the heavy labor of the planting and has kept the site watered. And finally, volunteer gardeners have designed the gardens, planted the herbaceous layer and will maintain the gardens in the future. Probably the most important person in this project was our Town Adminstrator, Pam Brenner, whose leadership and support made the project possible.

The Boccelli Garden has not changed but its setting certainly has. The new terrace can be seen at the far end of the garden.

The Grove Street end of Boccelli Garden

The far end of the garden with the terrace and Peterborough Adirondack Chairs

The terrace looking out over the lawn to the newly pruned apple tree 

The new garden below the terrace will take a couple of years to fill in.. The fence and the Nubanusit River can also been seen beyond the garden. The Grove Street Bridge can be seen in the distance.

The terrace and Peterborough Chairs

A pair of Peterborough Chairs are on order to be placed at the granite table under the apple tree. The property across the Nubanusit River, that prompted the project, can be seen behind the apple tree.


  1. Good job - not sure about "garden" and "completion" in the same line, but this comes close! I enjoy the stone terrace, and the plants will fill in and soften in due time. The broad stone area atop the wall even signals one to not walk over the edge, sans railing.

    Nothing like realizing a once-leftover space. And those scenes that could only be New England!

  2. Of course, a garden is never "finished" but the process of the installation of the new revitalization was completed. I think the whole garden space will feel "settled in" in 3-4 years. I deliberately left grass below at the end of the wall which created a makeshift bench. Thanks for following the progress of this project.

  3. I truely agree. really, a garden is never completed. things dies out, new ones has to be replanted, some items overgrow and must be taken out or maintained to stay small. So many areas of work is involved in gardening. My love is perennials. I found a wonderful site that Im filling up a small space with their perennials, and they are affordable, a rarity these days. Oops, almost forgot , here's their website



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