The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Luxuriance of September

My favorite month in the garden has to be September. I incorporate plenty of autumn interest in the garden with a generous smattering of annuals that have a peak right now. I especially appreciate how fresh the annuals make the garden feel as the summer season winds down and the first hard frost approaches. Autumn is the season New England is known for, so it is fitting to start that season off with a bang even before the fall foliage begins to change color.

 The Upper Garden

 The Lower Garden

The Woodland Garden

The lowest path in the Woodland Garden

The Blue Bench Terrace


  1. Dear Gardener's Eye
    I love seeing your garden lush with foliage and I am always amazed to see how it transforms in the snow! Truly fascinating for an Antipodean from the North (no snow where I am...). I am looking forward to further transitions.

    1. Glad you liked this post. I love this time of year in New Hampshire and it is fun to plant the garden in a way that takes advantage of the light and feeling of New England in late summer/early autumn. Oddly enough, I think I like the break that the snow offers!

  2. Beautiful garden in a beautiful part of the world. They definitely picked the right name when naming that region of the US. I'm based in 'old' Hampshire, and I see many parallels to some of my favourite locations around these parts.

  3. Michael, you know how jealous I am about the fall colours you get in the States, here in London we don't get anything every year I am looking forward to your blog post about it...and especially to see your Stewartias..ehh all the best from London! Giacomo

  4. Giacoma,
    The stewartias are just beginning to turn. Peak fall foliage will be in about a week. I'll try to post it soon.

  5. Beautiful garden! I love gardening, it's hard work but also extremely relaxing at the same time.



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