The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Monday, May 25, 2015

Great Dixter 2015

Pictures Speak Louder than Words; Especially at Great Dixter


  1. I'm hoping to include Great Dixter in a tour I'm organizing for 2016. I will use 50 Steps to Landscape Thinking exercises if I do... your mention of the book last year spurred me on to find/read/use the book in a recent tour of Italian gardens. See my blog post where I credit you for information about the book itself.

  2. I think your group would love Great Dixter. They have excellent guides there: often young, always enthusiastic and knowledgeable.I am flattered that you searched out '50 Steps' and really enjoyed your post. Thanks for bring it to my attention. I will be eager to hear what your participants thought about it.

  3. I visited Dixter almost 30 years ago, so when we went in May I had a powerful nostalgic experience, even though there have been vast changes. It was much too early for much color in the Long Border, but I was so engaged, the tour guide had to come get me. Everyone was waiting. Fergus was there busy with a bunch of the young gardeners. Good to see.

    1. James,
      I love the energy of learning and experimenting that Fergus is creating there. I am excited at the idea of a new generation of knowledgeable gardeners.



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