The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bridges Bulbs in Bloom

A flower box on the bridge on Grove Street by Putnam Park as seen from a car

A better look at the bulbs

The close up view of the pedestrian

The bulbs that the Community Garden Project planted in the ground at Francie Von Mertens' farm last October and then moved to the bridges in Peterborough on April 7 are blooming. The show works both for a person traveling in a car or the pedestrian passing them on the sidewalk. The large yellow daffodil is Narcissus 'Fortissimo'. The smaller daffodil is N. 'Thalia' and the grape hyacinth is Muscari armeniacum. All should be long-lived perennials when replanted in the new garden at Putnam Park in May. Then the process will be complete and the bulbs will get a new lease on the life in the garden.


  1. I like that splash of colour on the roadside that you get from bulbs, either planted in droves along larger roads or - like here - as a small gem-box perched on the side of a bridge. It brightens the day!

  2. Thanks Soren. Especially here in New Hampshire where the winters can seem to never end. Thanks for your comment!

  3. What I like about this, Michael, is the feeling that the flowers are being given to the community. They're beyond ownership.

  4. That is what I like best about the public plantings I design and work on, Faisal. Thanks.



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