The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What a Difference a Dusting Makes

Hall with Balls

The Upper Garden

Lower Garden looking at the House

Lower Garden looking from the House

The Blue Bench Terrace

The Pavilion at Depot Park

Yew Waves

More Yew Waves

Depot Park

Nubanusit Terrace

Entrance to Putnam Park

Boccelli Garden

Post in Boccelli Garden

Teixeira Park

Ruin Garden at Teixeira Park

Butterfly Weed

Ironweed in Snow

Bench at Teixeira Park

View from Pack Monadnock Road

Nature's Design

The Top of Pack Monadnock


  1. Those images, especially the wave-pruned and ball-pruned plants, are stunning. Both the upper and lower gardens are beckoning me to see more!

  2. Jeg kom bare lige forbi.
    Gode billeder.
    Tak for rundvisningen.
    Ha` en god dag.

  3. Thanks, Dave. The snow makes everything look magical. There have been many posts about the upper and lower gardens in the past that you could check out, and I'm sure you'll see many more during the growing season.

    Thanks for stopping by Landbovhaven.

  4. The dusting word is key.
    So much more selective and discriminating than 20 cms all over. You know that I always admire your sense of structure. But when you add the quiet tones and the dusting of snow the sense is of an almost Japanese spareness which is memorable!

  5. Ha ha! That's the most snow I've seen since October!

  6. I agree, Robert, the subtle dusting accentuates the garden picture. We had a light frost this morning and it was equally as beautiful. I appreciate your remark about Japanese spareness. Thanks, once again, for commenting.

    Me too, Michael. I am afraid we will have a Mother's Day blizzard to end the season!

  7. The yew waves remind of what Piet Oudlolf does with boxwood. Were you responsible?

    In any other year these dusted photos could be labeled late November or December. Tonight we are expecting not a dusting, but a big wet sloppy white kiss. Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow p.m.

  8. Les,
    Yes, I am responsible. The hedges, are a borrowed idea from Hummelo. Our hedges, like Oudolf's, are actually yew. I've read that he removed his because they were diseased and was in some ways was relieved because they had become a cliche. I was sad to see them go and hope ours pay homage to his work.

    Good luck with the snow!

  9. Thanks very much, Helen. Glad you like them.

  10. I have a award for you in my blog. I hope you will accept this award.
    Have a nice day. / Hans

  11. I still drop by to see your interesting & lovely photos. But I find I don't have much to say. I wish snow were always just a dusting.

  12. Hans,
    Thanks very much for thinking of me. Hopefully this will get some keen gardeners to meet one another.

    Thanks Jordan. I have been reading your blog as well, but I don't always leave a comment. I did send a new one that relates to Hans' comment today!



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