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The Gardener's Eye

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From the Garden to the Kitchen

From the Garden to the Kitchen Exhibition at the George Marshall Store Gallery in York, ME

Reproduction of Paintings at Stonewall Kitchen’s Flagship Store in York, ME

Art in the Garden

More Art in the Garden

James Aponovich, Hancock, NH

Elizabeth Johansson, Hancock, NH

Lincoln Perry, York, ME and Brett X. Gamache, York, ME

Tina Ingraham, Bath, ME

Michael Stasiuk

Carey Armstrong-Ellis, Cape Neddick

Jill Nooney, Lee, NH

Whenever we go to southern Maine, I like to stop at the Stonewall Kitchen headquarters to see the display gardens designed by Jacquelyn Nooney Landscape. Each year, she does something different and it is always inspiring. To celebrate Stonewall Kitchen's 20th anniversary, Nooney collaborated with the George Marshall Store Gallery to create a garden containing reproductions of original art that was simultaneously exhibited in a two-part exhibition at the gallery also in York, ME. The theme was From the Garden to the Kitchen and I was pleased to see the art of fellow bloggers and gardening friends James Aponovich and Beth Johansson.

After seeing the garden, we visited the George Marshall Store Gallery and met the delightful curator, Mary Harding. Mary gave us a tour of the gallery which is known for its fine exhibitions of contemporary art. The gallery is located on the York River in a beautifully restored old building. Mary has been operating the gallery for the last 15 years and features both rising and established contemporary artists from the region.

Both the display gardens at Stonewall Farm and the The George Marshall Store Gallery are worth a visit if you are ever in southern Maine. I am looking forward to seeing them both next season.


  1. Hi, Michael -
    Thanks for this post. We're planning a trip to Maine and New Hampshire next week, and this is timely. I think we'll be passing through, or near, York. You may even hear from me again if we get near Peterborough.

  2. James,
    The show ends on August 21 but the garden display at Stonewall Kitchen will probably still be there. If you are near Kennebunk, you might like to see Snug Harbor Farm, a very interesting nursery I posted about last summer. Let me know if you get anywhere near Peterborough!!

  3. Inspirational art and plantings to be sure.
    Especially love where the two are combined.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Robert, I look forward to checking out the plantings every year. Usual plants designed well-what more can you want?

    Sigrun, the best part was finding the George Marshall Store Gallery . I had never been there before. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Michael,
    Thanks for including our paintings in your "From the Garden to the Kitchen" post. Happy you had a chance to see the exhibition, and the gardens & art at Stonewall Kitchen. The gardens at Stonewall are always a joy to see.
    Yesterday, we saw the new Sept./Oct. edition of NH HOME magazine. Your garden, as always, looks spectacular. The article and photos about your garden are wonderful.
    Beth and James

  6. James and Beth,
    It was great to see your work at the gallery and the garden. The NH Home article was fun. I thought they did a terrific job. See you soon.

  7. There is something right about art in the garden, and real art like this. I wish I could have paintings in the garden displayed like this full time, but, well you know. Sculptures it is for now.

  8. Benjamin, as William said above, your sculpture is art inside art. Maybe we should call it mixed media.

  9. I have long disliked the use of 'art' objects attached to gardens in a 'hey I am cultured' fashion..all that tragically boring 'classical' stuff (eg)..any art objects that are not part of the 'fabric' of the garden AS art, leaves me yawning!

  10. William, I agree, I am not a fan of ostentatious art placed in gardens. You might like Jill Nooney's sculptures made from found objects recycled machinery parts.



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