The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Work (Play??) Day July 6

Dylan's First Day as a Volunteer

First Toadstool Bed

Second Toadstool Bed

Jeannie Working in the Pavilion Garden

Still Working...

Laura Trimming the Hedges

We had our weekly volunteer workday this morning at 7 AM. I was pleased to greet two new volunteers including Sarah and her daughter, Dylan. We trimmed the hedges at the pavilion garden and tidied up the sidewalk beds outside the Toadstool Bookstore. Sarah worked on taking the seedpods off the baptisia. Unfortunately, we can't leave them on because they weigh down the foliage when it rains. Perhaps if they got a bit more sun they would stand up better.


  1. Love the edging 'hoops'..I have made modern forms of them in 'rebar' YES for once i prefer the usa name for that it is the rather unadventurous 'reinforcing rod'....Rebar rings exotic!

  2. Thanks William,
    I was taking my morning hike today and was excitedly thinking about my public and private gardens. Learning about your garden, Wigandia, in the last few weeks has really gotten the creative juices flowing again for the public spaces in Peterborough as well as my own garden. Not sure where it will take me, but I know I am going somewhere! Thanks.

  3. Great to hear and I am is said that my work 'polarizes' people into love/hate too! If I have a message it is simply 'relax' and get on with it! So many garden makers wherever they might live are so uptight about getting it right..there is no right.

  4. Put me in the love camp. I'll work one the " relax and get on with it" part. Thanks.



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