The gardener's eye

The Gardener's Eye

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The granite post focal point to the woodland garden has become enticing now that Actinidia kolomitka, the lovely pink and white variegated kiwi vine, has clambered over the archway.


  1. Beautiful building in your banner. I might just need one of those.

  2. Thanks Nellie,
    The pavilion was designed by a local architect, Susan Phillips-Hungerford and is the focal point of one of the entrances to Depot Park here in Peterborough. It is really wonderful in person and overlooks the Contoocook River.

  3. I love Actinidia, the leaves are so beautifully tipped with white and pink, like they would have been in a paint pot. Very architectural, in its subdued way. Lovely combination.

  4. Michael, what a great composition this is now! The arch of Actinidia and the little round stone on the short granite post on the right, all echoing the spherical shapes of the boxwoods, and the spires of Digitalis framing the new vertical granite focal point. Love it!


  5. I agree, Liisa, Actinidia kolomitka is a beautiful vine. I have this for about 10 tears and it is finally maturing. Next it might take over the entire hedge!

    Thanks, Joe. Hopefully you will see it in person sometime soon!

  6. Your kiwi vine swirls wonderfully above the granite post, Michael. Will it bear fruit, or are you happy without it?

  7. Faisal,
    I think it is supposed to bear fruit, but it hasn't yet. I'm not sure if it requires a male and female plant. I need to check that out. Does anyone have experience? I am happy without the fruit, for sure.

  8. The Actinidia has a beautiful effect on the granite pillar. Is the pillar of local quarry? It's always a pleasure visiting your blog.

    Hope you had a pleasant weekend!

  9. The granite is from a local supplier named John Kaufhold. He has some old and new granite, most of it from the area. I wanted a chunk about this wide and loved how this piece flared at one end. I had a great weekend--see my next post. Nice to hear from you, Michael.



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